Thank you DigiRaise!

DigiRaise hosted by Fundraising & Philanthropy’s was once again an ‘essential’ event on the conference calendar for fundraisers. Full of inspiration, ideas and validation for fundraising professionals. We thoroughly enjoyed listening to international and local experts discuss and dissect what is happening in our industry and what to expect for tomorrow.

DigiRaise is always a really positive environment and I think it is reassuring to see the number of not for profits acknowledging that while the basics of fundraising remain, we are an industry of change in the digital landscape. So while our missions are clear, the method and strategy is as changeable as the digital universe itself.

Key ‘take away’s’ from the DigiRaise:

  • Always make it simple for donors to sign up and give, and engage your audience with storytelling.
  • Storytelling is still getting bigger and digital methods for storytelling are developing super fast, it’s more than just video demonstrating need, it has to leave an impression on the audience.
  • Digital is turning everyone into a video producer through accessible apps and programs ideal for creating effective social media campaigns.

On a personal note, It was a a satisfying experience facilitating an engaging panel discussion on peer to peer fundraising. Thanks again to our experts Meredith Campbell from Home Made Digital, Kylie Wallace from ygap and Brett McDonald from Dry July. The team were very generous and informative about their experiences and challenges with winning peer to peer campaigns.

Until next year!